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An investment that grows over time

Prints made by Urban Images have been produced using the Giclée process. This process yields images of superb resolution and long life. Each print is individually crafted and handled with the greatest care in order to assure your continuing satisfaction.

The original drawings and paintings are scanned at high resolution on a large format scanner. The files are then printed on a variety of media: heavyweight matte, satin-finished, or textured paper, and on finely woven heavyweight canvas using the Giclée process. In addition, canvas prints have a glaze applied during the printing process to emphasize the colors and protect the surface. Giclée prints are renowned for their color accuracy and longevity. When the print is hung according to our instructions the owner will experience the thrill of owning a print made from a fine work of art.

Upon purchase of a print an engraved folder will be sent immediately from the Raleigh, North Carolina office of Urban Images. The folder contains a signed and numbered provenance that certifies both ownership and authenticity for the owner of the print. The folder also contains information concerning framing and hanging of the print.

The print is enclosed in a presentation tube and shipped in an outer mailing tube from our printers in Kennewick, Washington. This double tube shipping method guarantees that the print will arrive in pristine condition.

When the print is in place in your home you and your guests will enjoy this work of art for a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

Collector's Series

All prints designated as "Limited Edition" will be limited to 100 copies and will be accompanied by a signed provenance with the title "Collector's Series". After this time individually made Giclée prints will no longer be issued, thus preserving the value of the print.