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Peter Batchelor

Urban Images will provide consultation services for Visual Identity Surveys, Urban Design Standards, and Urban and Regional Design.


Visual Identity surveys

What kind of image does your community project to the visitor? Do your signs and signage systems convey the kind of information both residents and visitors need for successful navigation through your streets and public spaces? Are these signage systems relevant to the historical and cultural diversity of your community? Urban Images is able to survey the visual identity of your community and make suggestions for the improvement of its visual image.

Urban Design Standards

Urban growth pressures are putting neighborhoods and historically significant districts at risk of uncontrolled infill development. While it may be desirable to increase residential density for the sake of creating walkable communities, it is also necessary to develop urban design standards that ensure a proper contextual fit for new development in established residential areas.

Urban and Regional Design

The planning of our towns and cities requires a broad understanding of the principles of urban and regional planning policies and the impact they will have on the built environment. Based on nearly 50 years experience in urban design, Urban Images is able to provide services for downtown revitalization, riverfront and waterfront design, highway corridor design and a variety of similar urban design issues.

For more information, send a brief description of your needs on your letterhead to the following address:

Peter Batchelor, Director,
Urban Images,
P.O. Box 18185,
Raleigh, North Carolina 27619